launch of digital learning in Isenda primary school-kigandalo subcounty.

state minister for education Rosemary Ssenindde poses for a group photo during the launch of digital learning in Isenda primary school -Kigandalo sub county.

Recently , mayuge district was delighted to have launched a digital learning program in isenda primary school-kigandalo sub county that was spear headed by Teach for uganda, a non profitable organisation that is operating in mayuge district aiming at transformung the education outcomes of less previlleged children through improving their achievements and aspirations and War child-holland, and supported by the ministry of education and sports.

education department

The ministry of education and sports has supported mayuge district local government with 144 file cabinents for all the government aided schools in the district. this is intended to improve on record keeping and storage of govenment documents in schools. poor storage and record keeping is one of the challenges that is hindering most of the schools in the district which the ministry is trying to adress.

Stakeholders meeting on Presidential Directive


The ministry of lands together with the RDC, District chairperson, Office of the chief administraive officer - mayuge ,coordinated and held a stakeholders meeting in Bukaleba to implement a presidential directive to survey 48 villages from south busoga Central forest Resrve and 5000hectares of land from bukaleba which is meant for the displaced in mayuge district. this meeting too place at butagisa primary school.


Officers undergoing computer training.


The Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development (MoGLSD) with support from development partners established the Uganda Child Helpline (UCHL) - 116 toll free line (Sauti) as a mechanism to increase reporting of cases of child abuse. District Action Centers (DACs) are based at the district level and serve as a point of coordinated and integrated response to cases of child abuse that are redirected from the National call centre.

Project Launch of Mayuge Neglected Diseases Elimination(MANE) .

project launch of neglected diseases by World vision and Korea Cooperation Agency

World Vision together with Korea International Cooperation Agency have today launched a project to eliminate neglected diseases in mayuge. Elimination of schistosomiasis(Bilhazia) and soil transimitted helminths(STH) is the projet goal.

Their objective is to empower cmmunities maitain mass drug administration of Bilhazia and STH high rates in the district. with a population of 178,659 of school age going children , the project is focusing on total elimination contrary to the community myths that the disease can not be cured.