World health day celebration in Mayuge

Mayuge District has joined the rest of the world to celebrate world health day that takes place every year on April 7th. The theme for world health day 2021 is "Building a fairer, Healthier world. It is therefore based on this theme that the Acting District Health officer- Mayuge, sr. Kawala Betty appealed to the Mayuge fraternity to stay healthy by observing the parameters of health such as sanitation and hygiene, eating healthy food, adding fruits to ones' diet, getting enough sleep, regularly exercising as well as meditation are very important aspects.

Sr. Kawala today while addressing health workers from the district health facilities in the district who are attending a meeting on performance management and appraisal in the district council hall also reminded the community to continue observing Covid-19 SOPS as there's a new strain that has reported in the neighboring country-Kenya, because the pandemic is real and claiming lives of many in the country. Staying healthy she said requires taking good care of oneself by visiting the health center when they don't feel alright especially for the pregnant mothers. Sleeping under mosquito nets to avoid malaria which is the number one killer.