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The department is currently headed by the superintendent of works (civil) who is acting district engineer.

He is assisted by the senior water officer who is in charge of the water and sanitation sector. We have a borehole maintenance supervisor who carries out routine mechanical inspection of the borehole under the water sector and sanitation.

The department has two assistant engineering officers that is one civil and other mechanical. The civil one is in charge of transport/mechanical section.

The road inspector is in charge of routine maintenance activities on the district feeder roads and also supervises the construction of community access roads.

The department is further assisted by drivers, operators and plants attendants. We also have a stenographer and a copy typist in the secretarial pool.

Equipment Reg.No. Status/condition Remarks
Motor Grader LG.0005-51 Poor Needs engine overhaul and replacement of tyres
Taxcavator LG.0006-51 Good Good working condition
Tipper LG.0008-51 Good Good working condition
Tipper LG.0010-51 Good Good working condition
Supervision vehicle LG.0009-51 Fair Needs minors repairs
Tipper LG0003-11 Fair Needs general servicing and repair

Grants for roads works
The district with its 295km road networks receives the following grants for development of roads.

Grant Purpose

Maintenance of DRs

Maintenance of CARs-transfers to sub-counties

LGMSD Maintenance/rehabilitation of DRs, CARs

Constraints of performance of works sector
• Repair of road equipment, process takes a very long time especially for major repairs.
• URF funds are mainly for maintenance of roads leaving rehabilitation and construction of roads not catered for.
• Low funding-funds released do not cover the whole network.
• Budget cuts-funds are not released as planned hence leaving other projects pending.
Water transport
Since part of the district is in lake Victoria with the islands of jagusi part of its administration, the district has some boats to enable it carry out administrative work. There are 02 boats under the health department and another 01 for fisheries with one driver to man and take care of them. However the transport costs along the lake are still very high and this over strains the citizens especially those in the islands hence there is need for government intervention to buy a ferry which can give services to the people between the different landing sites and islands at low costs.
Water development
The district has a number of water sources but the bore holes take the largest share of about 35% of safe water and only baitambogwe Sub County has taped water.