water sector

Friday, 02 December 2022 -- webmaster

Sector priorities 2022/2023

S/N Key activities Activities
1 Operation of the district water office
  • Procurement of 2 motorcycles(ADWOs community &HYSAN)
  • Attend 8 National consultative meetings
  • Conduct field and desk appraisals
  • O&M of 4 office equipment quarterly
2 Supervision, Monitoring and Coordination
  • Quarterly Inspection and monitoring water activities
  • Quarterly Data collection
  • Conduct 4 DWCC meetings quarterly
  • Conduct 4 Sub county social mobilisers meetings
3 Supervision &coordination of water user committees
  • Mobilization of 18 committees to fulfill critical requirements of new water sources
  • Establishment of 45 water user committees at new water sources
  • Training 40 water user

    committees on roles, responsibilities and hygiene promotion

  • Training 40 water user committees on O&M, hygiene and sanitation promotion at water points
  • Training private sector(hand pump mechanics)in preventive maintenance and hygiene promotion
  • Commissioning of water sources in constituencies
4 Sanitation component Construction of 2 lined stance toilets in Busira& Bukabooli RGC
5 Borehole drilling and rehabilitation
  • Borehole drilling of 18 deep boreholes, 2 production deep boreholes and rehabilitation of27 boreholes
  •  Extension of Water Kiosks and piped supply systems in Malongo Sub county and construction of water kiosks in Bugadde Town council. A better write up is attached