Training on performance management

Event Information: 

There was a training on performance management to heads of departments, sector heads , town clerks and sub county chiefs today 20th April 2021 in the district council hall.

Dring this training the Deputy chief administrative officer Mr. Kitavujja Leonard who was the chairprson of the meeting, urged the heads of departments to ensure that they always fill their performance agreements on time and also make make sure that their their surbodinates are also appraised on time. he added that confirmation is a must for all the government employees who have finished the six months probation period which can be a problem if one has not been appraised.

The newly appointed staff that are stillon probation are required to be appraised after every two months to track their performance where as those that are already confirmed are to be appraised annually. He also further urged the heads of departments not to abuse their power by failing to appraise their staff deliberately because of personal misunderstanding.

Mr. Kitavujja then welcomed the resource person Mr. Naika Richard who is also the district commercial officer to take the participants through the presentation of perfomance management.

Performance management he defined is the process of ensuring that the set of activities and outputs meet an organization's goals in an effective manner. 



The main goal of performance management is to ensure that the organization as a system and its sub systems work together in an intergrated manner for accomplishing maximum outcomes/results.

performance management allows the organisation management to understand what their employers are doing and track progress on organisation objectives while providing consistent feedback.

Benefits of performance management:

  • Allows well defined roles and performance standards to the employee and the Human resource to understand easily if the candidate is the right one for the role.
  • As well defined roles and performance standards are known, training becomes easier i.e essential areas of training for the staff.
  • clear defined roles, motivates staff in their success right from the start.
  • High results / productivity are seen in the organisation

NOTE: performance appraisal also reffered to as performance review or performance evaluation,means a method by which the job performance of an employee is documented and evaluated.

Generally speaking performance appraisals provides a stepping stone/an opportunity for the employee and supervisor to identify and discuss areas where perfomance can be improved. it also gives an opportunity for the employee and supervisor's expectations to be clarified or reinforced.

Benefits of performance appraisal:

  1. Enables staff to learn about areas that need improvement and training.
  2. Allows improved performance.
  3. It gives job satisfaction and motivation to staff.
  4. Brings better morale and team work.
  5. Gives surface to resolve any grieviances betweeen staff and supervisor.

At the begining of every assessment periond , the appraiser and appraisee must agree on key out puts for the assessment period in what we call a performance plan.

The performance plan should have the following;

  1. key outputs
  2. performance indicators(means by which performance will be measured)
  3. performance target(mimimum number/level of performance output)


The appraisee must only be rated in areas relevant to his job. usually fifteen competences are assessed.

  1. Proffessional knowledge /skills- do you relate it to work?
  2. Planning, organisation and coordinating- do you develop and implement plans?, do you allocate resources well?
  3. Leadreship-do you use power and authority fairly?, do you keep people informed?
  4. Decision making- do you develop appropriate solutions and take action?
  5. Team work-do you develop strong teams and share information?
  6. Initiative- are you proactive and generate new ideas?
  7. Communication- do you package your message to others? and do you listen to others?
  8. Result orientation- do you produce results and take up duty willingly>
  9. Intergrity- do you provide quality services without the need for induccements?
  10. Human resource ,management- do you train, mentor, inspire and delegate others?
  11. Financial management- do you know the basic financial management?
  12. Equipment and facilities-how do you effectively use the tools for results.
  13. Time management- are you time bound?
  14. Customer care- do you reflect a good image of the public service. and how do you handle clients?
  15. Loyalty-do you comply to lawful orders from your supervisor?

Action plan to improve performances

Here , agreed action plan is done jointly during the meeting of appraiser and appraisee. you mus know the gap, action agreed upon and the time frame to address it.



Tuesday, 20 April 2021
District council hall
All Day Event