Physical planning sector

Thursday, 05 March 2020 -- webmaster

Mayuge district local government in its effort to promote orderly development in its upcoming centers embarked on carrying out a Physical Planning exercise in Musita town and Nango towns.

This exercise aims at addressing the urban planning needs and challenges of the selected urban centers and to sensitize the public to become more aware of the values of Physical Planning. As a result of rapid urbanization growth rate in Uganda, majority of Towns are facing quite a number of challenges which include the following among others; insufficient social services, haphazard developments, inaccessibility and poor connectivity, poor solid waste management and poor drainage system in relation to the rapid growing human population.

Physical planning has a critical role to play if sustainable urban development is to be achieved in any society. Planning provides a framework for sustainable and orderly development in the country. It also provides an avenue for adequate utilization of scarce resources. Though physical planning is a service and does not necessarily result directly into goods, it is judged by its product like the outcome of the implementation of the planning provisions and programmes.


Musita “A” is located in Mulingilire Parish and Musita “B” in Bugodi Parish, Baitambogwe Sub County, Mayuge district and is about 13km from Mayuge town centre where as Nango is located in Malongo Parish Malongo Sub County, Mayuge district and is about 38km from Mayuge town centre.

 Over view of the Musita and Nango Town Plan Implementation Framework
The Detailed Plan of Musita and Nango Towns contains the Detailed Land Use proposals of the Town. The Detailed Plan has major development proposals which require resources both; financial and human (technical capacity) if a full scale implementation of these proposals is to be realize.

It is against this basis that a “Phased Implementation Framework” is proposed. This Phased implementation approach would enable the district and sub county authorities to plan, source and implement the Plan proposals accordingly. Mayuge district will require a lot of money to effectively implement this plan over the next ten (10) years. The framework lays out the key implementation activities based on priorities identified and discussed with stakeholders during the planning process. The identified activities are those that would catalyze/ trigger private sector development in the Town.

The phased development includes social development/ institutional measures in form of capacity building at district and local community levels. Social development / institutional measures are critical to plan implementation and as such have been prioritized in the first phases of this framework.

Among the mandates of the district is ensuring orderly development in its towns. Enforcement of this Plan shall therefore be one of the key activities of the district authorities with guidance from the district Physical Planner in the implementation of the Plan, assisted by the district Engineer, Building inspector and Law enforcement officers and under the supervision of Government departments including: the District, Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development (MoLH&UD), Ministry of Local Governments, National Planning Authority, National Environment Management Authority and other agencies.

This plan sets forth the pre-requisites for development control in the Town. Determining planning permissions must be made in accordance with the Structure and Detailed Plan, unless material considerations support an alternative approach. It is noted that new development will be expected to conform to the stated policies in the Structure, and in addition resolve detailed planning considerations.

All considerations relating to the development and use of land and buildings will also be taken into account. Where proposed developments are contrary to any proposals, the responsibility  will be on the developer to demonstrate why the approach of the plan should not be followed.



The Physical Planning Act under section 9 establishes the district physical planning committees which comprises of the chief administrative officer as the chairperson and other technical officers as prescribed in the act under section 9.

Under section 10, the committee is mandated to approve, recommend or defer a number of development applications both private and government in it’s area of jurisdiction.

Basing on that, the physical planning committee which sat on the 22nd/04/2021 approved the following projects in addition to the private applications which were ably handled.

1. Solar power project to be constructed by Engie Equotorial Power Project in the Islands of Jagusi. Mayuge district approved a request for a construction permit by Equatorial Power LTD to establish a mini solar project in Sagitu, Bumba, Sirinyabi, Kaaza and Jaguzi in Jaguzi Sub County, Mayuge district.
The project aims to increase access to productive energy in Jaguzi Islands via an integrated Mini-Grid model and also provide sustainable rural services to its customers.

2. Approved construction for a Search and Rescue Station at Lwanika Fish Landing Site. Mayuge district approved a request for a construction permit by Ministry of Works and Transport to establish a search and Rescue Station and a fish Drying Shades for women in Lwanika Fish Landing Site, Bukatube Sub County, Mayuge District.


The project aims to establish Search and Rescue facilities equipped with Rescue boats to handle emergencies at the waters and also provide a fish drying shades for women in the surrounding community.