COVID-19 Vaccine

Today the traditional staff of Mayuge local government joined the rest of the essential workers to receive the Covid-19 vaccine after its launch in the district last month. Among those that received the vaccine was the Head of planning unit- The District planner Mr. Baligeya Ronald who said it was about time for him to live positively knowing that he has been vaccinated. Even though it has been said that the AstraZeneca drug is still under trial and that there has been reports of side effects of the drug in other countries such as blood clot leading to death, none of the side effects have so far been reported in Uganda. We there fore believe and hope for the best. 
Other officers that received the vaccine today included Accountants, drivers, secretaries and other heads of departments and sectors.  It was a smooth exercise so we therefore argue others to also follow suit and take the Covid-19 vaccination.